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Today's Employee...

We all experience problems in life: everyday problems, major issues,  crisis situations - no person is immune from the challenges life can bring. Such challenges impact people in different ways and, when that impact is felt, we seek help and support.

A non-traditional work-life balance characterizes todays employee. As such, the help and support structures relied upon in past generations are unfamiliar or unknown to most people. Instead, the workplace has become one of the most prominent support structure of today.

Today's Workplace...

Recognizing the need to provide an adequate support structure for employees, and the benefits such a structure can give to an organization, many companies have contracted various Employee Assistance Programs. These programs offer a broad range of counselling and assistance services to employees as they tackle life's challenges. Unfortunately, these programs tend to be widely under-utilized. In cases where Employee Assistance Programs are utilized, it is usually only after the problem has become a crisis and a desperate search for help has driven them to dial the 1-800 number provided.

Today's Solution...

Companies are taking their Employee Assistance Programs to the next level through the use of Workplace Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy has proven to add value to companies through improved employee wellness, as evidenced by lower turnover rates, increased levels of focus and productivity, and reduction in stress related illnesses and absences. Chaplains present in the workplace make employee assistance more personal and accessible. Their relational approach enables them to identify issues - personal and corporate - before they become a crisis. Chaplains then assist the employee and organization in recognizing and addressing these issues proactively, thus minimizing its impact on the employee, their family, their co-workers, and the organization.

Eastern Chaplaincy

Our Chaplains are professionals in pastoral care and they are specialized for the workplace. Skill, authenticity and compassion enable us to build meaningful relationships with your employees. When life's challenges hit, we are present to offer immediate support and crisis intervention. We engage your organization's employee assistance resources and compliment them with our own network of professionals. We remain present with your employee throughout the challenge to encourage and support them, their loved ones, and co-workers.

We invite you to talk with us about how Eastern Chaplaincy can be a present help to your organization.